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Thea O'Connor

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Thea’s Speaker Introduction

Full Intro

Today our speaker is a health and wellbeing expert who has pioneered ground-breaking approaches to health in a range of settings  

She is here to tell us how you can get much smarter about how you look after your body so you can enjoy more energy, less stress, better performance at work and even better relationships. 

Throughout her career, Thea has been at the forefront of changing personal and cultural mindsets for the sake of our wellbeing. 

  • She helped change public health messages about weight management to prevent stigmatisation of larger people, well before diversity and inclusion was ‘a thing’.
  • As a Naptivist she hosted Australia’s first ‘Nap In’ in her home town of Bellingen, NSW. She works to normalise the power nap to help protect our personal sustainability.
  • Thea broke new ground by bringing awareness about menopause to Australian workplaces (well before they were ready) so that women don’t have to suffer in silence or press pause on their careers. 

As a qualified health professional (dietitian), science graduate and winner of Adelaide University’s Prize in Genetics, you can rest assured all her work is evidence-based. 

Thea is also a TEDx speaker.

Short Intro

Please Welcome Wellbeing Thought Leader, and Body Intelligence expert  Thea O’Connor.

Thea’s Bio

Thea O’Connor is a senior advisor on workplace wellbeing and productivity, helping leaders, teams and individuals improve their workplace engagement and effectiveness through body intelligence and better health. She draws on decades of experience in health promotion including in the fields of nutrition (as a dietitian), body image, sleep science and workplace health. 

She has also written extensively as a health journalist for a number of leading Australian publications including The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian. 

Thea is committed to re humanising our work ethic so it is fashioned around human biological rhythms rather than around machines, for the sake of our health as well as our productivity. That’s why she champions Body Intelligence – the ability to listen to our bodies, rather than ignore or over-ride them.  

Thea is also a Naptivist, promoting the powernap as the new coffee break. 

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