Over the last several decades Thea’s work has spanned nutrition, body image, workplace health, sleep science and behaviour change. She has practised as a dietitian, educator for beyondblue, masseuse, conference presenter, coach and writer for national media outlets, including the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian. She brings all of this experience into her current role as a workplace wellbeing advisor and speaker.

In all of these arenas Thea considers herself a long-standing Advocate of the Body in an increasingly disembodied culture that drives us to:

  • over-ride our natural rhythms, then over-rely on artificial stimulation to get us through the day.
  • over-write our natural physical diversity with photo-shopping or cosmetic surgery, then aspire to cruel body ideals that leave us feeling less-than.
  • out-source our communication and relationship skills to AI and virtual reality.

No matter how evolved or sophisticated we become, and no matter how much technology penetrates our lives, Thea believes that the body remains the fundamental foundation of our lives and when it suffers, physically or psychologically, every aspect of our life is affected.

Thea enjoys working with individuals and with groups.

In her 1-1 coaching, she educates people about the physiology of their body’s ‘internal operating systems’ (our real ‘BOS’!)so they can work in tune with them, then offers coaching to help people create better lifestyle and/or work habits for the sake of their wellbeing and productivity.

Within teams, she facilitates the naming and re-shaping of group norms to make healthy choices, easier choices.

Thea is an avid proponent of the powernap, which she considers the ultimate renewable energy practice whose time has come for the sake of our personal sustainability.

At the heart of all her work is the vision of creating body-honouring cultures at work and at home, so we can all flourish.

Why work with Thea?

Great to work with – easy, responsive, responsible. No prima donnas around here!
Arrives early – so you don’t have to worry if she is going to arrive on time.
Stays late so she can chat with delegates after her presentation – which is when the best conversations take place.
Tailored KeyNotes – Thea interviews organisers and representative delegates beforehand so she can really get into your world and craft the best Keynote for you.
Live Media – Thea is very experienced with television and radio and is happy to be put forward for interviews to promote your event.
Social Media – Thea will happily help get the word out via her social media accounts.
PR Collateral – ask Thea for a blog you can use to promote the themes of the conference.
Experienced – Thea has been on big stages for 15+ years so you can relax knowing she will deliver. Even if the AV bombs.
Engagement – will work with you to maximise engagement during and after the event.
Practical Tools – Thea provides practical tools to help the audience embed key takeaways.
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