Thea O’Connor

Motivational Wellbeing Speaker 

Thea helps your employees take care of themselves,

so they can take care of business.

  • Are you concerned about increasing levels of exhaustion and/or lethargy amongst your people?
  • Do you want to boost the vitality of your workforce?
  • Are you keen to help retain your staff by creating a culture of wellbeing?

At least two thirds of your people will be operating well below their full capacity simply because that’s the percentage of adults who do not meet the body’s basic requirements for sleep, movement and good nutrition. This poses a massive health risk and productivity deficit you can’t afford to ignore.

To close this gap, your people don’t need more information about wellbeing! They need the skills of Body Intelligence so they actually listen and respond to their bodies’ needs.

“It’s not going to be AI that will give your organisation a competitive edge  – it’ll be the vitality of your people that’ll set you apart.  And that vitality depends on the health and body intelligence of your people.” Thea O’Connor  

Keynotes That Engage And Inspire

Body Intelligence for Business

Learn Thea’s BI Code which teaches your people how to work with the body, rather than over-ride it: Reducing the risk of burnout, Sustaining energy in face of high demand and Energising your Teams

Body inTelligence FOR FEMALE LEADERS

Close the gender wellbeing gap for female leaders and see more women step up, and stay up.

Wake up To The Intelligence Of Your Body

There is no app that comes anywhere near what the human body can do. It’s time to start tapping into the most powerful productivity and engagement tool that’s right under your nose! 

Boost Your Body Smarts  

Register the many ways your body talks to you every day.  Read what your body needs in any moment to maintain wellbeing. Respond early, with effective self-care, and improve physical and mental health.


Generate energised, cohesive teams, by inspiring your people to shape ‘body-smart’ ways of working together.

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